How to know the size of your mailbox account in Microsoft Outlook

You can add multiple email accounts that you have to Microsoft Outlook. Unlimited Microsoft e-mail services like hotmail, live, msn or passport, you can also add Gmail, Yahoo ! Mail or other. So you can just use an application, namely Microsoft Outlook to monitor all emails you have. Of course this will provide the convenience for you by not opening a webmail application for each email.

Day by day, emails entering the mailbox will increase the number. Each incoming email also has size variations. Of course, incoming email with attachments will be larger in size and vice versa. Because of this factor, you may find that when you run a Microsoft Outlook application it becomes longer and feels heavy. It’s time to check and monitor which email accounts you’ve added in Microsoft Outlook are the size of a large mailbox.

In Microsoft Outlook, you can find out the size of the mailbox from the account you added. Therefore, you can monitor each account and then take action if needed, for example by deleting some emails from each account that are no longer needed. Microsoft Outlook provides this feature by means of easy access. Here’s how to find your mailbox size in Microsoft Outlook 2016:

First run your Microsoft Outlook 2016 application, right-click one of your accounts that was added in Microsoft Outlook to display the shortcut menu list and then select Data File Properties …

In the Outlook Today dialog for the property that appears, click the Folder size … button.

In the Folder Size dialog box that appears, you can see the total size of your account mailbox and in the bottom there is a detailed list of folders and mailbox sizes.

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