How to change Hotmail password (Outlook.Com)

Hotmail or now better known as Outlook. com is a free e-mail service provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail is currently the most widely used free email service, bypassing Yahoo!. Mail and Gmail and is also available in over 35 languages.

Along with how often you access Hotmail in crowded places such as schools or schools, offices, canteens, libraries, supermarkets, markets, etc., there is definitely concern arises when someone may have known your hotmail password.

The Hotmail password is the same as the key of your bank account. It is very important that you stay safe and not known at all times. Today’s hotmail account can give you access to e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing, video and online storage. Changing your password regularly will ensure your Hotmail account is secure.

Microsoft recommends that you change your Hotmail password in 72 days (3 weeks). To ensure that your password is strong and unpredictable, you must use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Here are the steps to change your Hotmail password:

The first signatures enter your Hotmail account (Outlook. Com), click the small gear icon located in the upper right corner to display the menu and then select Options.

Click the account link details (password, address, time zone).

Then, click the Security and privacy tab.

Then click the Change password link.

Microsoft will require account verification for sensitive information changes. If you include another email account as a backup email address when creating a Hotmail account (Outlook.Com), the backup email address will be used to send the security code that will be used. Click the Submit code button to continue.

Enter the security code you received through your backup email address and then click the Submit button.

Click the Set Now button to continue.

Just click the Ignore button to start the process.

You have been given the form to change your Hotmail account password (Outlook.Com). Enter your current Hotmail account password, then enter the password for the new Hotmail account, repeat for the new password in the text box (the text box) labeled User password and then the end by pressing the Save button.

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