How to know the size of your mailbox account in Microsoft Outlook

You can add multiple email accounts that you have to Microsoft Outlook. Unlimited Microsoft e-mail services like hotmail, live, msn or passport, you can also add Gmail, Yahoo ! Mail or other. So you can just use an application, namely Microsoft Outlook to monitor all emails you have. Of course this will provide the convenience for you by not opening a webmail application for each email.

Day by day, emails entering the mailbox will increase the number. Each incoming email also has size variations. Of course, incoming email with attachments will be larger in size and vice versa. Because of this factor, you may find that when you run a Microsoft Outlook application it becomes longer and feels heavy. It’s time to check and monitor which email accounts you’ve added in Microsoft Outlook are the size of a large mailbox.

In Microsoft Outlook, you can find out the size of the mailbox from the account you added. Therefore, you can monitor each account and then take action if needed, for example by deleting some emails from each account that are no longer needed. Microsoft Outlook provides this feature by means of easy access. Here’s how to find your mailbox size in Microsoft Outlook 2016:

First run your Microsoft Outlook 2016 application, right-click one of your accounts that was added in Microsoft Outlook to display the shortcut menu list and then select Data File Properties …

In the Outlook Today dialog for the property that appears, click the Folder size … button.

In the Folder Size dialog box that appears, you can see the total size of your account mailbox and in the bottom there is a detailed list of folders and mailbox sizes.

Configure Microsoft Outlook 2016 With through Account Setup Auto

As you know, e-mail services come from Hotmail e-mail services and are provided for free. Starting in 2016, Microsoft made the change again in relation to its email service. Microsoft moved the account to the Exchange Online Office 365 mail server (which is supported by Office 365).

As we all know, Microsoft provides an Exchange Online account as an email solution hosted via Office 365. This means that the account has been migrated to the enterprise-class email infrastructure of Office. 365 free, certainly has many advantages.

Microsoft has started this migration process in early 2016 and is being phased in. U.S. accounts make the first turn and then follow most accounts. Move all targeted accounts to completion by the end of 2016.

To find out if your mailbox has been moved, you can visit the website. Once your mailbox has been moved, you will find the Outlook Mail label in the upper left corner of the website, otherwise you will still find the label.

Microsoft migration affects how you configure Microsoft Outlook using If you use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 and your account is not migrated to the Outlook Mail (Exchange) platform, (Hotmail) provides access through the special connector, the Outlook Connector Hotmail.

If your account still is not migrated to the Outlook Mail (Exchange) platform and you are using Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016, you can connect to your (Hotmail) account through Exchange Active Sync ( EAS).

This is different when your (Hotmail) account has been moved to the Outlook Mail (Exchange) platform and you are using Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016. Configure Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 with your Outlook account. com has been stored on the Outlook Mail (Exchange) platform is quite easy.

Microsoft Outlook will use the Auto-Detect service to automatically configure it. You can just configure it using automatic account setup and use the email address stored on the platform (@hotmail, @live, @msn, @passport).

In this article, I will configure Microsoft Outlook 2016 with using @@mailmail. The author has previously checked and it looks like the account has been moved to the Outlook Mail platform with the Outlook Mail label screen.

You need to know that configuring Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 with whose account is hosted on the Outlook messaging platform does not support manual methods. Here’s how to configure Microsoft Outlook with through Auto Account Setup:

The first time you run Microsoft Outlook 2016. Assuming you have just configured Microsoft Outlook 2016, no email account has been added. You will find the Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2016 dialog box. Click the Next button to continue.

In the Microsoft Outlook Account Setup dialog box, make sure the radio button (radio button) is selected (1) and then click the Next button to continue (2).

In the Add Account dialog box, make sure you have selected the radio button (radio button) Email account button (1), then enter your name in the Name text box (2), enter your email address in the box Text E-mail Address (3)), enter your email account password in the Password text box (4), repeat the password entry in the Re-enter password text box, and then click the Next to continue.

Still in the Add Account dialog, the process of configuring additional accounts will begin. This process takes a few minutes (about 15 minutes).

Then, the Windows Security dialog box will appear, you will need to re-enter your email account password, select the Remember me credentials check box, and then click the OK button.

The configuration is resumed, does not take much time. When finished, click the Finish button because it’s enough to get here. If you check the box (Change box) Change account settings and then click the Next button, there are some other settings that may actually be ignored.

Microsoft Outlook will then open by email and the email account is added. If you have many emails, the process of importing into Microsoft Outlook will take a little longer.


How to change color scheme

Outlook. com is a free email service from Microsoft Corporation. Unlike Gmail and Yahoo!. Mail, currently Outlook. com still lacking features compared to both. When you first use this email service, by default, Outlook. com appears with a color scheme (palette) or blue and white.

But if you want to use a different palette or to replace the blue one, you can replace it by choosing from the list of color schemes provided. Here’s how to change the color scheme or look and feel of Outlook. com:

First enter your Outlook account. com. You may notice the color palette or standard Outlook interface. com is blue and white.

To start changing the color scheme above, click the gear icon at the top right, just to the left of your account name. From the drop-down menu at the top, choose one of the limited colors provided. You can point your cursor over the color to see the preview. If that’s the right choice and you want to apply it, click on the color.

Here is the view that the color or appearance has changed according to the palette you choose.

How to turn off link preview in the online email client. com

Outlook. com is one of Microsoft’s free web-based email services. Outlook. com is a widely used email to efficiently manage your e-mail. Outlook. com has an interesting interface (user interface), a pleasant environment for email users and has a fairly clear installation option. This is one of the favorite email services among many other free email services like Gmail and Yahoo!

When you create or write e-mail on, there are many things you can include in e-mail such as attachments, images or photos, and emoticons. In addition, you can also insert links (links) that lead to different sites (sites) such as social media, blogs, Youtube and etc. to share with email recipients. In, when you insert a link into an email, the preview link (email preview) will appear as shown below., there are many things you can include in e-mail such as attachments, images or photos, and even emoticons. In addition, you can also insert links (links) that lead to different sites (sites) such as social media, blogs, Youtube and etc… to share with email recipients. In Outlook. com, when you insert the link into the email, the preview link will appear (email preview) as shown below.

If the link you pasted is a link that leads to the blog, the preview link that appears can include prominent images, article headers, domain names, and also meta discription. This preview link can be used to determine if the inserted link is correct. Of course if the link is wrong, the preview link will not appear. Email recipients can also preview before clicking on another link.

But not all users are like the look and feel of the preview link. This may be because the email area becomes less comfortable and may disturb the actual email content being executed. The good thing is, offers an option to be able to disable the preview link if it’s not desirable. If you are one of those who prefer to disable preview links in, here are the steps: Outlook. com liked the view of the preview link. This may be because the email area becomes less comfortable and may disturb the actual email content being executed. Good thing, Outlook. com offers the option to be able to disable the preview link if it is not desirable. If you are one of those who prefer to disable the preview link in Outlook. com, here are the steps:

Run your browser and then open the page, click the button with the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings menu (1) and then select Options at the bottom (2). com, click the button with the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the settings menu (1) and then select Options at the bottom (2).

On the Options page that appears, select Mail in the area to the left of the screen.

Scroll down to find the Layout section, click on the preview link (2), uncheck the checkbox labeled Preview link in email (2), and then click the Save button to save the changes (3).

How to change Hotmail password (Outlook.Com)

Hotmail or now better known as Outlook. com is a free e-mail service provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail is currently the most widely used free email service, bypassing Yahoo!. Mail and Gmail and is also available in over 35 languages.

Along with how often you access Hotmail in crowded places such as schools or schools, offices, canteens, libraries, supermarkets, markets, etc., there is definitely concern arises when someone may have known your hotmail password.

The Hotmail password is the same as the key of your bank account. It is very important that you stay safe and not known at all times. Today’s hotmail account can give you access to e-mail, instant messaging, photo sharing, video and online storage. Changing your password regularly will ensure your Hotmail account is secure.

Microsoft recommends that you change your Hotmail password in 72 days (3 weeks). To ensure that your password is strong and unpredictable, you must use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Here are the steps to change your Hotmail password:

The first signatures enter your Hotmail account (Outlook. Com), click the small gear icon located in the upper right corner to display the menu and then select Options.

Click the account link details (password, address, time zone).

Then, click the Security and privacy tab.

Then click the Change password link.

Microsoft will require account verification for sensitive information changes. If you include another email account as a backup email address when creating a Hotmail account (Outlook.Com), the backup email address will be used to send the security code that will be used. Click the Submit code button to continue.

Enter the security code you received through your backup email address and then click the Submit button.

Click the Set Now button to continue.

Just click the Ignore button to start the process.

You have been given the form to change your Hotmail account password (Outlook.Com). Enter your current Hotmail account password, then enter the password for the new Hotmail account, repeat for the new password in the text box (the text box) labeled User password and then the end by pressing the Save button.

Login to Hotmail: How to login to Hotmail? Outlook home page, login screen and inbox

Hotmail, which we know with MSN, has been transformed with the development of Microsoft and has been re-established. How do I sign in to Hotmail? Hotmail has moved to Windows Live and then Outlook. Here are the things about Hotmail.

You can use the Microsoft site to open your Hotmail email. Microsoft is accessing all of its services from this site. These applications are OneDrive, Outlook, Skype. You can access Office Online, Outlook, Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive for free by signing in with your Microsoft account. Outlook also allows the use of a unique code instead of the user’s password when logged into the Microsoft account. How does the Hotmail box appear? You can access the login page in Hotmail.


You can open your Hotmail account, send e-mail, read mail. How to login to Hotmail?

  • Open address.
  • Click Sign in in the upper right corner.
  • Sign in with your username and password.
  • Click the other actions at the bottom of the profile photo.
  • Open the Inbox.
  • So you can access your Hotmail inbox.

Hotmail Login provides e-mail service to users. Users who want to open a hotmail account must log into and make a few simple subscriptions here. After logging in to Hotmail, you can create an e-mail with your desired username from the Hotmail registration. Signing in to Hotmail is pretty straightforward. After logging in to Hotmail, you need to enter your Hotmail login screen. After this process; MSN login, e-mail login, MSN registration you can do a lot of activities. Which letters are not used in Hotmail, Skype? Logging into Hotmail Logging in and logging in to Hotmail is one of the topics that people are interested in. We will share with you all information about signing in to Hotmail and accessing hotmail where everyone is curious.

Logging into Hotmail Logging in and logging in to Hotmail is one of the topics that people are interested in. We will share with you all information about signing in to Hotmail and accessing Hotmail where everyone is curious.

Account opening Microsoft messenger lives a lot so people enter mail when you ask me have an MSN address. In fact, the meaning of the MSN signup, means the mail address register. You must have an e-mail address to open an e-mail. You may have a Hotmail extension or another email. We will now show you how to subscribe to the most used email service in the world. Please open the registration page here on a new page to make a registration. The Hotmail registration form opens on the page that opens. Let us tell you how to register with Msn so that new people can be an easy member.

Sign up Skype of Hotmail

You can create a Microsoft account or Skype account by registering online. You agree not to use inaccurate, inaccurate or misleading information when registering your Microsoft or Skype account. In some cases, a third party, such as your Internet service provider, may have assigned you a Microsoft account. If you purchased your Microsoft account from a third party, the third party may have additional access or delete the Microsoft account on your account. Because Microsoft is not responsible for these additional terms, please review the additional terms provided to you by third parties. If you create a Microsoft account on behalf of a legal entity, such as your business or employer, you represent that you are authorized to accept the Terms on behalf of the entity. You can not transfer your Microsoft account or Skype account to another user or organization. Keep your account details and passwords secret to protect your account. You are responsible for all activities that occur in your Microsoft account or your Skype account.

How to open a Hotmail account? Hotmail, one of the most widely used e-mail services worldwide, makes it easy to use and its superior features are prioritized. How to open a Hotmail account? What is the convenience of Hotmail mail archiving tool? En Wondering about managing your Outlook session.

What is Skype?

It is a free application on your mobile phone, computer or tablet, allowing you to have text and video chat. Skype can make one-to-one voice and video calls and group calls, instant messaging and file sharing with others. Skype also allows users to make Skype video calls on

What will be done when the user name and password of the Microsoft account is forgotten?

If the password you use to sign in to your account is not working or if you forgot your username and password, you can reset your password with the help of these steps.

To reset your password:

  • Click this link: Reset your password and start the Set your reasoning process to reset and click Next.
  • Enter your email account during the Microsoft account setup process.
  • This account must be one of the accounts ending in,, etc… on the Microsoft server.
  • Type the characters you see on the screen (this is why we can distinguish you from malicious bot apps).
  • Click Next If you entered the security information in your account, One-time codes will be sent to the email address or phone number you provided.
  • You can create a new password by entering it on the next screen. If the password does not work, try these steps:

1. If you can not get the security code,

If you do not have access to your confidential information (email or alternate phone number), please click I did not receive the code at the time of code request, or I can not access this information in the reset process.

At this stage, you may be asked some security questions and some personal information. You may have a 30 day grace period before you can log into your account with all rights.

2. If your profile is temporarily blocked

If you notice that your account has been used because of some malicious intent or the Terms of Use have been violated, you may receive a notification when your account has been temporarily blocked. More information is available here: Temporarily block accounts.

3. If you recently activated the two-stage authentication;

If you’ve enabled the two-step authentication option for more security, some apps (or devices) may identify your password incorrectly; This is because they have not been updated to ask you a security question. In this case, you’ll need to enter an app password instead of your normal password.

Hotmail features

1. Safe.

2. Have a simple design.

3. Helpful.

4. It is free.

5. Provides 5 GB of free storage.

6. POP3 support available.

7. Mail programs can be managed through mail programs.

Free version. Offers 5 GB of memory.

2. MSN Hotmail Plus; There is a $ 19.95 per year offering 10GB of storage.

3. Microsoft Office Outlook Live; Comes with Microsoft Office. There is a $ 49.95 fee per year.